The DiMotta Method

Find out what a successful methodology looks like to aggressively and sustainably grow eCommerce and Direct to Consumer models. 

The Leadership Lifestyle

Some of the most meaningful insights in our careers are not the expertise we gain but the relationships, the leadership skills, the communication behaviors and the education we give to future leaders. 

What I enjoy most is the giving back and throughout my experiences with my clients, my family and my female peers, I share below my insights that I hope are invaluable for you.  

eCommerce101 Blog

Jennifer has experienced 20+ yrs of eCommerce & Digital Marketing. She began in the 90s at a catalog retailer volunteering to build their website with a group of people. An she has never looked back. 

Jennifer has lead six companies to successful and profitable growth and those were the days when Jennifer built teams, strategies, roadmaps and financial budgets from a blank sheet of paper. 

Jennifer is a passionate visionary with a constant pulse of the future. Read her thoughts in her blog below. 

" Working with someone who is an expert in their field, but also has the persistance to get things done is an extremely rare in the world of online marketing and eCommerce. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work with Jennifer and I learned so much from her. She's a great leader, an amazing partner, and a lot of fun. "

Scott, Founder & CEO, New York

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