"When you have a 20 year veteran from the outside of your business looking in, they find some really good stuff that you can move forward with. Thank you Jennifer!" 

Ted, mid-size retailer, Washington DC

Assessment Breakdown

People & Expertise


Jennifer connects the dots and when she looks at expertise, she's looking to ensure you can achieve your goals with the right personal in the right seats. It is both about quality and quantity when it comes to resources as well as effective utilization of outsourcing and employees. 

Technology & Scale


Jennifer has done several technology changes from site platforms to content management to order management and warehousing changes. She understands how to truly and intelligently integrate different technologies and she is keen on data governance. She'll look for this in her assessment review. 

Consumer Experience


Jennifer sees no other more critical player than the consumer. And she understands that consumers are setting higher expectations and will challenge every client, with total awareness to their internal dynamics, to 'bring it' when it comes to delivering experience. She can tell you critical vs. nice-to-have and is especially effective in bringing brand value in to the experience. 

Performance & Analytics


Jennifer sees metrics as a means of guiding, growing and governing. There is no better means of delivering effective growth than by being governed by the performance. Critical understanding of how to utilize metrics, transparency and understanding metrics and accountability to metrics will be described thoroughly for your business. 

Marketing Strategy


Marketing Strategy defines your customer relationship plan. There are several channels in Digital Marketing and those channels and constantly evolving and adding more features. Jennifer can help you understand what's what, how to market to your customers per channel, the effective utilization of each channel and profitability. 

Assortment Strategy


Your product and services portfolio is critical to 'sell' and not just 'show'. Customers are interfacing with you but doing so independent of true interaction so your total merchandising strategy as well as your content must help bring the customer closer to each product and service, as close as tangibility gets online. Let Jennifer show you what's important and what's not when it comes to maximizing sales in your product portfolio. 

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" Her knowledge of retail industry best practices is exemplary. She brings with her a wealth of experience and information about ecommerce, distribution, marketing and technology. She sees the big picture but is also diligent with the small parts to ensure optimal results. ..."

Sooklee, Loyalty Director, Washington DC

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