"Her expertise has transformed our direct to consumer ecomm strategy..."

The DiMotta Method - A Growth Model That Works

Step 1: Expert Assessment and Recommendations

With over 20 years of successful growth at several retailers, Jennifer DiMotta can help you assess the current state of your business providing insights in to People, Profitability and Performance and provide a recommended go forward path in her successful 90-day programs. 

Step 2: Customized Plan for Profitable Growth

After Jennifer has assessed your business thoroughly, she designs a custom plan broken down in to 90-day increments and works with you and your team to ensure all the right education and guidance is provided to get your plans achieved and on time. 

Step 3: Complete Training and Transition Process

Jennifer's goal is to teach you the skills and the knowledge that allow your team to deliver growth year over year. She helps you develop strategic thinking, eCommerce and Digital marketing expertise, efficient and effective processes and insightful performance reviews. 

Testimonials about Jennifer DiMotta

Jennifer is a master at her craft and a leader in every sense of the word. Her expertise has transformed our direct to consumer ecommerce strategy and how ecommerce and digital channels fit into our omnichannel marketing.  Jennifer is very thorough in her approach - making sure she understands the Brand, the challenges, and the goals. She is phenomenal to work with!  

Jana, Mid-size Brand, Alexandria, VA

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